Tuesday, 4 December 2012

My Christmas List

I can't believe it's only three weeks until Christmas! This year, we are mainly giving handmade gifts as I haven't been working the last few weeks. It's been fun trying to think of different things to make for our families. I think that handmade gifts hold a little more meaning as well, because of the time and effort that has gone into making the gift. 

This is my 'if only I had the money and we weren't saving for a wedding' Christmas wishlist :)

1: The Body Shop has come out with these home fragrance oils just in time for the lead up to Christmas. You can get them in vanilla, cranberry or ginger. Yum! 

2: These throw rugs from Adairs look so comfortable, I'm always on the lookout for more blankets. They're cotton too, so they won't be too hot in summer.

3: I love the idea of this bookshelf from Ikea, all of your books and precious items would be protected, but you would still be able to see them. 

4: These little skull and feather earrings from Lovisa are so cute!

5: The sweet couple behind Young House Love have written a book. This is one of the things on this list that I will actually buy, and I can't wait to read all their ideas. You can pick up their book here.

6: I love these cute flats from Walnut Melbourne, perfect for summer.

What's on your Christmas wishlist?

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  1. Wonderful ideas and I like the layout and fonts and signature!