Friday, 28 June 2013

Life - An Instagram Round Up


Just a few snippets of our life recently via instagram. 
You can find me on instagram here @annieberquist

Friday, 21 June 2013

Dip Dye Inspiration

I think I'm a bit late to the party, but I'm slowly falling in love with all things dip dye and ombre. Some of my work friends and I are experimenting with dip dying this weekend, it should be lots of fun (and possibly quite messy). I'll be sure to post the results here! I'm so happy I've made friends at work, especially crafty ones :) Below I've posted my main inspirations for this weekend's dip dying session.  

What do you think? Are you an ombre/dip dye fan? 
And what about that Monique Lhuillier gown! I die - it's so beautiful. 
Have you got any crafty plans for the weekend?

Saturday, 15 June 2013

'Wedding Season' Must Haves

With just over a month to go until our wedding, it's safe to say that things are getting pretty busy around here (not to mention just a little bit stressful). There's signage to finish, gifts to buy, styling to finalise, dress fittings, honeymoon planning, a bachelorette party and more. On top of that we are both working full time and trying our best to make time to spend with each other. Phew! 

Here are my top 'wedding season' must haves:

Physicians Formula concealer in green and yellow because with all the early mornings paired with late nights (with a few overnight shifts mixed in) I definitely need all the concealing I can get!
Klorane gentle dry shampoo for when I'm too busy (or lazy?) to wash my hair.
Put A Bow On It flats are grey, and have bows on them. Two of my favourite things. What more can I say?
Buffalo studded notebook because I have way too many loose pieces of paper floating around in my handbag.
Green Tea X50 is delicious, packed with antioxidants, and is so easy to mix on the go!

Most of all, I'm relying heavily on this guy:

Because lets face it, without him, none of this would be possible. At the end of the day, I will become his wife, and that's what matters the most to me. I can't wait! :)