Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas Tags

I was looking through Pinterest the other day and found myself inspired by this card. 
I decided to make some gift tags in a similar sort of style. I've included instructions in case you wanted to make your own gift tags :) You could do all different shapes of baubles, or even something else, such as a Christmas tree.

What you will need:
Card for tags and decorations
Stamp pad

Cut out your card into the shape of the decoration that you want, as well as cutting out some tags.

Next, take your stamp pad and gently run it along the edges of your shapes. You will need to do them in groups of three or more. 

They will look something like this. Then, you will need to fold the shapes in half, making sure to leave one flat.

Then, glue the folded shapes together. Once they have dried, glue them along the fold to the flat shape that you have remaining. 

Glue the final shape to your tag, punch a hole and attach some string, then you are done! 

How are you tagging your gifts this year? I promise I will post some non-Christmas related posts soon! :)

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