Wednesday, 5 December 2012

DIY Christmas Cards

Hi everyone! Today I thought I would share my simple DIY Christmas cards. This year is Dave and my second Christmas together, but our first as an engaged couple. I decided to start a tradition of sending Christmas cards to our families. Here is how I made them:

What you will need:

Cardboard to make the cards and stencils out of.
Envelopes to send the cards in.
Paint (I just used acrylic.)
A sponge (or paintbrush if you prefer.)
A scalpel.
A pen.
A lightbox (if you have access to one.)

Cut your stencil out of a piece of card (I chose a tree because it was easy to cut out.)

Next, get your paint ready to use with the stencil. Sponge the paint onto the cardboard. You can get different levels of coverage with the sponge, so experiment a bit! I didn't press too hard, so some of my trees have a bit of texture and makes them look at bit more homemade :)

You will need to leave the card for a minute to dry, then you can start tracing your text on. 
I printed out a font off the computer, because my handwriting isn't the nicest in the world. You could free hand the text if you are confident enough to do so. 

Now, I used a light box because I own one. These days they can be quite expensive (this one is very old, it was my mum's before she gave it to me.) An alternative would be to simply put the text that you are tracing and your card against a window during the day, and the light shining in will act as a light box for you! Remember to allow yourself a little more time if you are doing it this way, as your arms will get tired quite quickly. 

This is my final product! I added the rhinestone once everything had dried.
I also found some wrapping ribbon in a drawer, so I added that too.

Are you making your own Christmas/holiday cards this year? What else are you making yourself for the holidays? Feel free to share your ideas and projects with me, I'd love to see them.

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