Thursday, 10 January 2013


I have never really written down any new years resolutions or goals before. This year I thought it might as well be a good time to start! 

My goals for 2013:

- Be a calm bride. 
  This goal is really important to me. I am basically planning most of our wedding myself (by choice) as well as designing all stationery and making our wedding cake. I am thoroughly enjoying it, but I know how easy it would be to make myself stress. Although, at the end of the day, I will be married to my love, so that's all that matters :)

- Take more photos (and display them.)
   I would really like to try and take photos more often and hang them in our room. Our walls are very blank at the moment!

- Blog more often.
  My aim is to try and blog a few times a week, and work on more DIY and wedding posts.

- Fill a sketch book.
  I believe that this will help me develop my handwriting and drawing to a level that I am happy with. I'll have to see how it goes though!

- Organise more date nights.
   Because I took two months off work, we haven't been able to have date nights and outings as much as we used to. Now that I'm working again, I'm looking forward to it greatly. Hopefully we will be able to organise a night to do something together once a week.

What are your goals for the year?


  1. Love the goals on the mug idea - little reminders with yr morning tea :)

  2. Keeping a sketchbook--that's one of my revolutions as well. I'm too dependent on my phone for everything and pen&paper is much more creative and free.


    1. Hi Jane, I agree! I like that with pen and paper, I am able to see all of my ideas and drafts and how they have progressed. When I am doing something on the computer, I can often get into the habit of changing things without keeping all the different drafts of what I have tried before. All the best :)